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A root canal is often the last course of action taken to repair a tooth where severe tooth decay has managed to invade the dentin and the root. While some people might bemoan needing to have a root canal, the reality is that it is a completely painless procedure.

The process for getting a root canal procedure has many things in common with the procedure for getting a crown. In a root canal procedure, more of the original tooth is removed. The dentist then gains access to the infected parts of the dentin and root. Once these are removed, they are replaced with a material called gutta-percha, which gives the root back most of its original integrity.

The post or abutment is then prepared for to be fitted for a crown. The dentist often takes X-rays and makes an impression of the area. The impression is sent off to a dental laboratory where a permanent crown is then made. Then dentist then fits the abutment with a temporary crown.

A few weeks later you will have a second appointment where the dentist cements the final permanent crown in place. The tooth then has all the same strength and durability of any other tooth in your mouth.

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