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Have you ever heard of a tongue scraper? If not, you’re in luck, because you’re about to find out a fantastic way to increase your oral health. Tongue scrapers are a funny looking tool composed of a handle and a triangular shaped blade which is designed to scrape bacteria and food particles off of your tongue. Here are a few of their virtues:

-Tongue scrapers can defeat your bad breath. When bacteria gather on your tongue, it can create a bad odor. Tongue scrapers can remove the bacteria and freshen your breath.

-Tongue scrapers can add to the flavor of your food. When mucus and other substances congregate on your tongue, they obstruct your taste buds. Tongue scrapers remove these substances, helping you better taste the deliciousness of your food.

-Tongue scrapers improve oral health and your overall health. Once the bacteria on your tongue are washed away, the toxins don’t get to attack your teeth or be absorbed by your body. You can avert tooth decay, gum disease, and plaque buildup and even boost your immune system.

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