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Root canal treatment in Glendora, California, can be overwhelming and a bit scary, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. But, our Darden DDS team is happy to teach you more about the treatment so you can be more prepared and relaxed as you sit in the dental chair. To help you have all of the information you need, Dr. Bryce M. Darden and our team have provided the answers to the following questions:

What is root canal treatment?
Root canal treatment is used to repair a tooth that is badly infected or decayed. Generally, the pulp and nerve of the tooth are the sections of the tooth that are harmed. During your treatment, your dentist will remove the nerve and the pulp and will clean and seal the tooth.

What are the signs that a root canal is needed?
There are many symptoms involved when a root canal is needed. Those symptoms are:

-Prolonged pain or sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
-Discoloration of the tooth
-Severe tooth pain when chewing or applying pressure to the tooth
-Swelling or tenderness in the nearby gums
-A persistent pimple on the nearby gums

How painful is a root canal?
Root canal therapy isn’t as painful as people think it is. In fact, many say that the therapy is less painful than the pain experienced before treatment, and they also say that therapy is about as painful as placing a dental filling.

What can I expect after a root canal?
Your tooth may be sensitive for a few days following the treatment, which is expected. The soreness is caused by natural tissue inflammation. To dull the discomfort, you can take over-the-counter pain medication as needed. You should be able to return to your normal activities the day after the treatment is completed.

If you would like to know more or if you have questions that were not answered in this blog, please feel free to call 626.963.6006 today and talk to a member of our team. Your dentist will also be able to help you with any concerns you have if you simply schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you!