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Dr Bryce Darden has been our dentist now for many years and I wouldn’t go to any other. Trust me when I say I know what a bad dentist is like. I’ve had several before I found this office. He is very kind gentle thorough and most of all caring in my opinion about his patients. He will address any issues we may have without brushing us off bc of time. We’ve had a lot of work done to our teeth here to have fixed what other doctors had botched and/or neglected. I love his attention to detail and his constant willingness to stop and make sure I’m having no discomfort. And I truly appreciate the cleanliness!!!
ALL of the assistants in his office are exactly the same as he is..Warm Friendly and Very Accommodating!!

Hail to this Dr Bryce and his Staff…and Kudos to me for finding him for my family!! I Highly Recommend him!!!

Julie M

Dr. Darden has been my dentist for a few years now and I have had excellent results from every procedure he has performed. I have had partial crowns, composite fills and just recently had veneers put on. All of the procedures were ones that I knew I needed from my previous dentist, and when I switched to Dr. Darden’s office he recommended the same ones. He was not pushy but instead concerned because these same procedures were ones I had delayed for years. Dr. Darden is also very personable and explains the procedures and shows a genuine concern for the well being of my teeth and myself. All of his staff are always kind and professional. I have felt very comfortable and at ease having procedures done that frankly scare the hell out of me.

Monique R

I cannot describe how different Dr. Bryce is from all the other dentists we have been to. There is such an honest and gentle nature to him. I can tell that he wants to do the best job possible. I barely feel the shot when he gives me anesthetic because he goes slowly and takes his time injecting the medication. He explains what he is going to do so that I understand and he will even show me photos and x-rays of what he intends to fix. He knows I am somewhat afraid of dental work so he stops often to ask if I’m okay or to ask if I need a break. Sometimes they offer me a “bite pillow” if it seems that my jaw is getting fatigued from being open so long. The dental assistant always offers me blankets and has even given me a little jaw massage at a break in the procedure. (I suffer from TMJ and my jaw gets tired quickly). I love that Lou and Denise always explain what Dr. Bryce is doing and why. I love that they tell me what to expect with each step. The front office ladies are sweet and can be and make scheduling a breeze. Several of my friends have been long-time patients of Dr. Bryce. I was hesitant to go to him because he had a bad review on Yelp. Now I am so grateful that I trusted in my friends because, for the first time in my life, I feel like I have a dentist I can truly trust. He is forthcoming about what needs to be fixed right away versus what I wait for. Thank you, Dr. Darden and all of your amazing staff for setting the bar so high!

Winter L

He’s the best dentist! He’s pain free & does an excellent job! The whole staff is lovely!! It was a pleasant experience & no waiting at all!!

Margo C

Been going to Dr Darden’s office for over 10 years! Excellent team and Dr Darden’s does the finest work ever!! I’m a lifer with Dr Bryce Darden!!!

Sheri E

Dr. Bryce Darden has become my regular dentist after having his father (Dr. Ron Darden) as my primary dentist for almost 40 years! Dr. Bryce has inherited his Dad’s friendly demeanor and attention to detail, which has been great since I’ve needed many different procedures over the years. I can easily say that the service I’ve received from both father and son (and the whole office staff) has been excellent! Highly recommended!

Don T

I spent years looking for the right dentist after my dentist passed away in 2004. My father had been going to that dentist for over 40 years, and it was going to be tough to find someone as wonderful as he was. Well I finally found the perfect dentist in Dr. Bryce Darden. He came highly recommended, and is so worthy of all the praise he receives. He is friendly, gentle, and exceptionally thorough! After going almost a decade without receiving regular dental care, my teeth definitely needed a little work. The procedures have all been painless and as comfortable as dental work can possibly be. And I can’t even say enough about the wonderful staff. Everyone who works in that office is just incredible–so professional and so kind! I am elated to have a dentist that I love and trust!! Highly recommend!

Jenette L

Dr. Bryce is truly the best Dentist I have ever been to. To say their staff is friendly is simply an understatement, as I have never felt so welcomed in any medical facility or business for that matter. Professionalism is clearly the objective at this location, and I drive 30 minutes to see Dr. Bryce (and Dr. Darden Sr.) because I have grown accustomed to feeling like I matter to a Dr. My list of procedures: Teeth cleaning, referral for wisdom teeth extraction, 8 cavity replacement, temporary teeth, four veneers (front teeth, cosmetic), teeth whitening, chipped teeth that he came in on the weekend to fix, and this is not including my wife’s work (root canals, etc.). Do not go anywhere else, as nobody measures up!

Jason D

I’ve been looking for a good Dentist for many years and I am so happy that I finally found one that I am very pleased with! He is very thorough and a perfectionist when it comes to his work! The staff is great too! My entire family will start going there too!!

Kate G

QUALITY DENTIST YOU CAN TRUST!!! My family & I have been going to Dr. Bryce for years (cleanings, check-ups, preventative sealants, cavity fillings, veneers, even teeth bleaching ) and have had nothing but positive experiences and results. Dr. Bryce has always been professional, made us feel comfortable, AND the bonus is that his work is high quality. His staff have always been super friendly, knowledgeable, and the office clean and sterile. Even after we moved about an hour away from his office, we make the drive to see him because we have become so comfortable and trust him.

A few months ago I had an exceptional experience, and just had to leave a review! I’ve had minor gum recession for some time but it just started to get worse in recent years, causing sensitivity and discomfort. Dr. Bryce explained that a gum grafting procedure would help my problem. The sound of it made me nervous, I thought it would be major surgery and be very painful. Dr. Bryce explained to me a new state of the art procedure using AlloDerm that eliminates the need to make an incision in the roof of my mouth, and he would only need to work on the area of my gums that had the recession. I was surprised that a general dentist would be able to provide such an advanced procedure, but based on the quality that we’ve seen from him over the years, I trusted him and made an appointment to have it done.

Surgery started with Dr. Bryce administering shots to numb the area, I honestly couldn’t even feel them, and there were a lot of them! I was very relaxed, and I appreciated that he told me what to expect and updated me on the progress the entire way through. The procedure took a couple hours from start to finish. Dr. Bryce was very gentle, and I was comfortable the whole time, with NO pain! I was provided antibiotics, pain medication, a special mouth rinse, and detailed instructions on how to care for the area and was on my way. That evening Dr. Bryce personally called me to see how I was doing and to see if I had any questions. This just confirmed the impression I’ve always had about him….he cares about his patients, their comfort, and the quality of work he is providing. My recovery was smooth, no issues. I had my sutures removed several weeks later. I now have no recession of my gums, which looks better, and best of all feels better…no more sensitivity & discomfort. My family & I don’t hope to need additional dental procedures in the future, but I’m glad that if we do, we have such a competent and trustworthy dentist to take care of us!

Danielle R

Dr. Darden and his staff is wonderful. I was not able to sleep for three nights because of the pain. I went in yesterday morning around 7:30 and I explained my situation. He immediately told me that he will see me. He examined my teeth and was able to detect the problem right away. I need a root canal and he explained the whole procedure. I felt bad because he his other patients began to arrive and they were priority but Dr. Darden told me not to worry. He was able to assist all of us. His dental assistant Lou is amazing. She was so sweet and was talking to me while we waited for the numbness to kick in. I am very claustrophobic and I can honestly say I was fine when they were working on me. He has very gentle hands and I did not feel any pain both mentally and physically. I have been to so many dentist and I can honestly say Dr. Darden is by far the best. Him and his staff are all amazing and the environment is very clean! I recommend him!

Christine K

I moved to LA 8 years ago and had a hard time finding a good dentist. Dr. Bryce is the third I’ve tried here and is by far the best. I drive 45 minutes to see him and it’s well worth it. He is extremely knowledgeable and uses the newest techniques and equipment. I trust him and his staff 100% for anything from cleanings to fillings to more significant work. At other dentist offices I felt like their cleanings were cursory… and half the time I felt like they were trying to do or sell something I didn’t need. With Bryce I don’t have any of those issues. To the contrary, with Bryce I actually feel like I truly know what’s going on with my dental health for a change. I could not recommend him more highly, if you visit Dr. Bryce you will not be disappointed!

Geoffrey C

I highly recommend Dr Bryce Darden, DDS! Four years ago one of my molars broke, and I lost that tooth. My teeth and gums were in bad shape from years of neglect on my part because I had such bad experiences with dentists, and I was finally forced to go because of the tooth that had broken. I have friends that are patients of his, and they recommended him to me. I’m glad I went to him, I will never go to another dentist unless he is referring me to that dentist! Dr Bryce cares for his patient’s comfort during procedures, his staff is very friendly and caring, his office staff is very friendly and caring. I would, (and do) recommend Dr Darden to anyone that is looking for a dentist!

Tracy B

I have been with Dr. Darden for about 8 years. I now live an hour and a half away from his office, and still make the drive to go to him. His staff is also exceptional. When you find a good dentist, you stick with them! That is the case with Dr. Darden.

Kirsten M

Okay so I’m sure I’m not the only one that dislikes going to the dentist or at least that was my feeling before I went to see Dr. Bryce Darden. He and his staff put my fears at ease and took fantastic care of me. They informed me of what was going to take place every step of the way. Thank you to Dr. Bryce and his staff you guys are the best, I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment.

Michael M

Dr. Bryce saved my life…i was very sick systemically from teeth. I had severe anxiety from a past experience with another dentist in La Verne where i actually lost my eye sight in one eye following a routine injection of Carbocaine to numb the area that needed work. Eight years later after visiting over ten dentists and running out of office’s Dr. Bryce came through put me back on level ground, and fixed my teeth. Today i am healthy again, my teeth are beautiful and im living a zero fear life from the dentist. Words cannot express how grateful i am to this man, he is truly gods answer to dentistry.

Tammy C

Okay so I’m sure I’m not the only one that dislikes going to the dentist or at least that was my feeling before I went to see Dr. Bryce Darden. He and his staff put my fears at ease and took fantastic care of me. They informed me of what was going to take place every step of the way. Thank you to Dr. Bryce and his staff you guys are the best, I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment.