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Have you ever had a root canal therapy before? Root canal therapies are designed to remove pulp that has become inflamed or disease. Only through the removal of the diseased pulp can a tooth have a chance to thrive once again. Once the pulp is removed, the tooth will be cleaned and sealed for future happiness. However, it is always important to understand the causes of pulp damage to help eliminate the need for ever requiring a root canal therapy.

Are you aware of the issues associated with infected pulps? A pulp can be infected due to its vulnerability to bacteria in your mouth. This is why the tooth enamel is so important on our teeth as it can help provide an additional layer of protection to prevent bacteria from entering a tooth. However, if a tooth has a deep cavity or suffered an oral accident or injury, the root of a tooth may be exposed. Thus, restorations and repairs will be necessary to help prevent the pulp from being infected.

If you have had repeated dental procedures to a tooth, it can leave your teeth vulnerable to pulp infections. Similarly, the tooth may have microscopic damage that is not visible and continually putting the tooth in harm’s way of pulp infection. If pulp infection does occur, a root canal will be needed.

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