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We all know what it’s like to have bad breath, right? Sometimes, a delicious sandwich or salad with onions in it can give us bad breath. So, what exactly is halitosis? Halitosis is a condition of constant bad breath that seems rather persistent. Luckily, our staff here at Darden DDS in Glendora, California, can offer you information on why people suffer from it, and how to overcome it.

Halitosis is caused by a number of reasons. These reasons include:

· Foods
· Bacteria
· Dry mouth
· Gum disease
· Tobacco use
· Some medical conditions

With a wide range of causes, it may be difficult to pinpoint the specific trigger which is causing your bad breath. The good news is there are many ways you can treat halitosis, and reverse this nasty bad breath experience. These ways include:

· Brushing and flossing regularly
· Using mouthwash regularly
· Making sure to care and brush your tongue
· Sugar-free gum to keep saliva producing
· Stopping tobacco use
· Receiving your dental cleaning visits at least twice a year

Keeping up with your oral care is important, and too often it gets pushed aside. That can lead to dangerous oral health problems and conditions if your smile is not properly cared for. That is why if you are suffering from halitosis or any other oral problem, please feel free to call us at 626.963.6006 and set up an appointment. Let us help you achieve oral health in time for this holiday season.