When a patient experiences gum recession, Dr. Bryce Darden may recommend a gum graft in Glendora, California. During gum recession, the gums and tissues that surround and support your teeth pull away from a tooth. This exposes the tooth’s root, which may cause damage to the root and surrounding bone. Tooth recession is a gradual process, so many patients do not notice it at first. However, after a time, exposed tooth roots may look unattractive and can cause tooth sensitivity. If not treated, gum recession can cause tooth loss. A gum graft may be performed to prevent this and other dental problems.

There are three different types of gum tissue grafts. Discuss with our dentist which type meets your needs. Connective-tissue grafts stitch tissues from under the flap at the roof or your mouth to the gum tissues around the exposed tooth root. Free gingival grafts take tissue directly from the roof of the mouth and attach it to the gums. Pedicle grafts are used when a patient has lots of gum tissues near the tooth. The tissue is grafted from the gums around the tooth needing repair.

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