When a patient has lost bone structure around their teeth because of gum disease, Dr. Bryce Darden may recommend a bone graft in Glendora, California. Gum disease is an infection that attacks the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth. In the advanced stages, gum disease causes the gums and bone to deteriorate, which can lead to tooth loss. Bone grafts are used to repair the damage to the bones surrounding and supporting the teeth to prevent tooth loss.

To perform a bone graft, our dentist will separate your gums from your teeth so they can access the tooth roots and the surrounding bone. After cleaning your tooth roots, the holes in the bone will be filled using graft material. Bone graft may include bits of materials like:

  • Your bone
  • Cadaver bone
  • Cow bone
  • Synthetic glass

Barriers are placed to protect the grafting materials during healing, which takes about six to nine months. During healing, your body regrows bone and tissues in the area.

After surgery, take pain medications as prescribed. Keep your mouth as clean as possible while you heal. Brush and floss normally, but avoid the surgery site. Our dentist will want to examine your mouth in 7 to 10 days.

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