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There is no need to live with missing teeth due to the major advancements that dentistry has undergone in recent years. We invite you to speak with Dr. Darden about tooth replacement options to help your smile move past tooth loss, and one of your options are implant-supported dentures. Implant dentures don’t rest on the gums like other appliances but are actually attached to your jawbone for a lasting fit.

Implant dentures will take up an entire tooth arch, and it’s important to have a jawbone that can support this appliance. For this reason, implant denture placement is more extensive than that of conventional dentures, involving the use of dental X-rays and placing dental implants. To ensure you don’t have to go without teeth during this procedure, we can provide temporary dentures to replace tooth loss until the process is complete.

Implant dentures from in a bar or ball variety, with bar-retained dentures attaching the implants to a metal piece that runs along your jaw and clips to your dentures. Bar-retained dentures use implants with a ball on top that is fitted into the denture sockets.

We invite you to contact Darden DDS at 626.963.6006 today for a visit with our dentist to determine if you would benefit from implant-supported dentures in Glendora, California.