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A filling is typically used at our dental office to repair a small cavity or chip on a tooth. This leaves the rest of the healthy tooth enamel intact. Should a new cavity form on that tooth, there might not be enough viable tooth enamel remaining to apply yet another filling.

To properly treat a tooth in this condition, Drs. Darden and Darden might advocate a dental crown. This dental restoration creates a replica of the tooth enamel layer that is cast from either porcelain, gold, or base metal alloys. The crown itself is hollow to allow it to be anchored on an abutment formed out of the dentin layer of the tooth, leaving the pulp and root of the tooth untouched.

With the tooth enamel removed, our team will make a detailed impression of the abutment and the related teeth in the area.

The impression will be sent to our off-site dental lab where the new crown will be made. A temporary crown will be anchored atop the abutment to protect it.

When it’s ready, a member of our staff will contact you to schedule a second appointment. The crown will be cemented in place by a strong dental adhesive. This will fully restore the tooth’s integrity for many years to come.

If you live in Glendora, California, and you have a tooth in need of treatment and repair, you should call 626.963.6006 to explore your restoration options at our dentists’ office.